J. Scott Campbell

It pays to respond to talent searches. Just ask J. Scott Campbell. 'Jeffrey' Scott Campbell replied to a 'search for talents' ad in the back of Wildstorm's WILDC.A.T.S. #2 and wouldn't you know it, he received a personal phone call from Jim Lee. Lee was very impressed by this unknown talent and work was immediately offered. J. Scott's first work appeared in the Wildstorm title Stormwatch, and a short time later Campbell collaborated to create the series GEN 13. He is also known as the man behind the title Danger Girl. From there he has worked on many projects not only for Image, but many other publishers as well, including penciling Thundercats for Devil's Due. His pin-ups and covers are legendary. Some of J. Scott Campbell's influences include Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Michael Golden, Art Adams, and the art and animation of Disney.

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*THANKS to Jeff for giving us his permission to build this gallery. Thanks to Hal Hilden for writing the bio!

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Campbell Freefall
Campbell Freefall
Amazing Spider-man #500
Amazing Spider-man #500

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