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New Avengers: Finale

New Avengers: Finale

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Description: Bryan Hitch
In the wake of SIEGE, an ALL NEW shocking conclusion to the landmark NEW AVENGERS series. NEW AVENGERS is coming to an end…but not without a bang. For the first time ever, series regular Brian Bendis teams up with the superstar artist that reinvented team books for this generation…Bryan Hitch. The entirety of the Marvel landscape has changed and many Avengers do not know their place in it. But before they can move on, some very important loose ends need to be tied up. A.K.A. it's payback time!! All this and a bevy of super star artists stop by to pay tribute to the work they made famous over the course of this top-selling book.
Date: 04.29.2010 20:05
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Keywords: Hitch, Captain, America, Ronin, Ms, Marvel, Luke, Cage, Mockingbird, Wolverine, Spider, Man, Woman, Jessica, Jones

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