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Hotwire 2 Issue 2 Cover

Hotwire 2 Issue 2 Cover

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Description: Illustrated by: Steve Pugh

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Deep Cut Issue 2 ( 2 of 3)


For detective exorcist Alice Hotwire, waking in a jail cell is an unwelcome flashback to her youth. With Bertus Rantz and his team of private contractor ghost-hunters out to win a permanent city contract by any means necessary, Alice must first escape to keep the job she hates, then compete with Rantz to capture a blue-light possessed robot and rescue the injured woman he has taken hostage. Can Alice outwit Rantz, who has little intention of bringing them in "alive", save the hostage and return safely home to her boyfriend from hell?
Created by: Steve Pugh & Warren Ellis
Written and Illustrated by: Steve Pugh
Date: 10.27.2010 05:49
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Keywords: pugh, hotwire, deep, cut

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