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Fourth World & Asgardian Heroes

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Description: Lines by Brendon & Brian Fraim - http://www.brosfraim.com/

Colors by Simon Gough - http://spidermanfan2099.deviantart.com/
Date: 12.08.2010 05:38
Hits: 9952
Added by: biscuitfoot
Keywords: Fraim, Gough, Beta, Ray, Bill, Metron, Orion, Valkyrie, Lightray, Black, Racer, Odin, Fastbak, Infinity-Man, Heimdall, Balder, Volstagg, Big, Barda, Kurse, Tyr, Thor, Oberon, Sif, Forager, Hogun, Fandral, Mister, Miracle, Highfather, Himon

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