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<p><img src="" alt="" height="75" width="75" align="right" border="0"><b>Adam Hughes</b> is best known for his work in the comics and magazine fields where he has worked on titles such as Maze Agency, Justice League America, Gen13, Star Trek: Debt Of Honor, Legion Of Super-Heroes, Ghost, Superman/Gen13, Tomb Raider, Playstation Magazine and Wonder Woman, to name a few.<br>His naturalistic style, his ability to depict beautiful heroines, and his humorous writing are all trademarks of this talented artist/creator.<br><br>For more info on Adam:</p><ul><li type="circle"><a href="" target="_blank">Just Say Ah!</a> is the Official Site.<li type="circle"><a href="" target="_blank">The Hughes Fans Yahoo Group</a> is the Official discussion list. </ul> (Hits: 1996793)
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