Alan Davis

Claiming to owe a debt to such artists as Jim Aparo, John Buscema, Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, Mike Ploog, Frank Thorne, Wally Wood, and Neal Adams, Alan Davis has accomplished enough to have his name included with these legendary creators. Not only an accomplished penciler, but a highly touted writer as well, Alan has worked for numerous companies at one time or another. His North American popularity sky rocketed while doing a run on the OUTSIDERS (DC), and later on BATMAN. But he his perhaps best known for his monumental run on Marvel's EXCALIBUR, in which the readers were treated to Alan's unique style as he took this team (many of the characters Alan having created) on fantastic adventures. Recently, Alan did some high profile work for Marvel, including a stint with Marvel's merry mutants, as well as a 6-month run on the Avengers (with Kurt Busiek). Alan didn't miss a beat, and Avengers fans were spoiled by his realistic look to his characters. Alan was ecstatic as he was also finally able to complete a project that he had been attempting for quite some time to complete, the KILLRAVEN limited series, which was also from Marvel. Perhaps in the not so distant future, Alan Davis may be enticed to go back to his roots, and take a character often said to be most associated with him, CAPTAIN BRITAIN, and take England's greatest hero on one final adventure.

*Thanks goes out to writer Hal Hilden for contributing the Alan Davis bio.

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