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Description: Pencils and Cover by RYAN STEGMAN

The Riftwar wages on! Pug, Tomas, and the rest of the party have been rescued from certain death by Dolgan, the dwarven chief, and their journey has taken a sharp detour into the mines of Mac Mordain Cadal. As they travel, Dolgan explains that the Tsurani have already invaded the homes of the goblins and the moredhel, and that nearly 10,000 soldiers are ready to continue their assault on Midkemia. But in the mines, the party is followed by something just as dangerous as the Tsurani armies: a Wraith. And it’s ready to tear the party into pieces if they let their guard down…
Based on the classic fantasy novel by New York Times Best-Selling Author Raymond E. Feist, MAGICIAN: APPRENTICE is a tale of high fantasy and coming of age that is considered to be second only to Tolkien in its depth, scope, and story!
Date: 03.20.2007 18:58
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