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Description: cover by Juan Ferreyera.

Lorraine swallows up Prussia and Austria, reuniting the ancient empire of Charlemagne. But it's only the first step in a brutal, worldwide campaign of mass ethnic cleansing and murder. Genevieve is to become Lorraine's empress . . . but how much longer can she turn a blind eye to his genocidal madness?

Julien, meanwhile, has found refuge in the secret valley of the Holy Grail, the very place where Lorraine is most vulnerable. But he is overwhelmed by the mysteries he has uncovered. A village forced into slavery and isolation for untold centuries . . . a magical brew that kills anyone who drinks it . . . and over it all looms the dark, forbidding Castle of the Holy Grail. What does it all mean?
Date: 03.25.2008 16:02
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Keywords: Ferreyera

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