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Pilot Leia by Adam Hughes

Pilot Leia by Adam Hughes

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Description: Pilot Leia by Adam Hughes
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This is a trading card I did for Topps' STAR WARS Galaxies 5 card set, released today.

Before anyone gets confused, this is from the very first Star Wars novel, SPLINTER OF THE MIND'S EYE (1978), by Alan Dean Foster. It starts off with Luke and Leia flying to a diplomatic mission on one planet only to be forced into a crash-landing on another. Luke was in his X-Wing, and Leia was piloting a 2-seater Y-Wing with Threepio. I'm assuming Leia wasn't doing this in her white robes....

I guess I always liked the idea of Leia in the rebel pilot flight gear.

10" X 14", pencil & ink on 3-ply Strathmore Series 500 illustration board, then colored in Adobe Photoshop CS2.
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