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Strange 205 French Marvel cover

Strange 205 French Marvel cover

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Description: Gouache painting published in France featuring Puck, Talisman and Shaman of Alpha Flight fame!
Illustrating the original series by John Byrne
Thomas FrisanoThomas Frisano began his career at an early age by helping his father Jean on French Marvel Covers. Those covers were painted for Lug, then publisher of the House of Ideas' main titles, from 1969 on.

There Thomas has had the opportunity to draw a great many superheroes and characters from licensed properties such as Star Wars. He has also worked for television and contributed many pieces for illustrations and covers. Three Albums or Graphic Novels of his have been published.

More about Frisano art may be found in: Comic Book Marketplace 54, December 1997 and Comic Book Artist 17, January 2002

Learn more about Thomas Frisano here:
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